Wedding Details



Guest Attire

The wedding theme colors were Burgundy and White.

The wedding attire was semi-formal to formal.  Some suggested guest attire:

  •   Women:  A light summery dress or a nice blouse and pants.
  •   Men:  Nice pants and shirt (tie optional) or barong tagalog.

The bottom line is, we wanted everyone to be comfortable, so please feel free to dress up or down as you like.

Wedding Party Attire

Tess wore a white wedding dress. The bridesmaids, maid of honor, and matron of honor all wore burgundy dresses.

Joseph, along with his attendants, wore white barongs, the traditional wedding attire for Filipino men.  The barongs were worn with white undershirts, plain black pants for the attendants while Joseph wore all white.


Parents of the Bride Parents of the Groom
Victoria Jocson
Carlos Sr.& Rosario Manalo
Elizabeth F. Roley
Edward & Zora Belle Roley
E. Lynn & Hugh Erskine
The Bride's Attendants The Groom's Attendants
Jasmin Flores - Maid of Honor
Friend of the bride

Jennifer Jocson - Bridesmaid
Niece of the Bride

 Dorothy Lopez- Bridesmaid
Friend of the Bride

Karen Green- Bridesmaid
Friend of the Bride

Annalysa Pilpa- Flower Girl
Niece of the bride

Angeline Manalo - Flower Girl
Niece of the Bride

James Erskine - Best Man
Brother of the groom

 Robert Roley- Groomsman
Brother of the groom

Jason Chapman- Groomsman
Cousin of the groom

Jens Klindt - Groomsman
Cousin of the Groom

Keoni Holi - Ring Bearer
2nd cousin of the groom

Anthony Pilpa - Ring Bearer
Nephew of the Bride
Lilly and Daniel Kittredge
Aunt and Uncle of the Groom

Celia Mesa & Melvin Mesa
Cousin of the Bride.

Elenita Ambil & Orlando Ambil
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