You might be an Indian if....


  • someone asks you your stance on immigration, and you just laugh.
  • you use commodity can labels for your art collage project.
  • when you get hit in the head with an old piece of fry bread you see bluebirds.
  • your car starts with a screwdriver.
  • in your everyday life you unintentionally seem to be breaking taboos.
  • all the people in the community or town you live in are your cousins! (cousin-brother /cousin- sister)
  • you don't understand the purpose for storage lockers or their high rental costs when, the cars parked in your front yard store just as much stuff, plus it's free.
  • You're head automatically turns at the sound of "shhhhhhhht".
  • As a young child, learning your ABC's was hard because you wondered what the joke was every time you heard "A" (AAAYE).
  • You attend a General Custer memorial dinner, and you wear an Arrow shirt - You might be an Indian.
  • someone at a picnic yells "Hey, you with the blanket, over here.", and you think it's an invitation for romance.
  • you're dancing to "Running Bear" at your local bar and it begins to Rain.
  • you put a "Free Peltier" sticker on your truck, and the FBI wiretaps your house.
  • you get into a verbal fight with the waiter at your local Mexican restaurant over--Sopapilla, or is it Fry Bread?
  • someone inadvertently points out directions with his lips and you know exactly where he is talking about.
  • you see a cute and chubby puppy and your lips begin to water.
  • you crave Fried potatoes and macaroni n' cheese for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  • during a night out on the town, you announce you're going home and then you drive over five hours to get there. Copyrighted 2009 by Snoopy Dude Graphics