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MyThought on Valentine's Day

When you think of Valentine’s Day, what thoughts and feelings go through your mind? For many it conjures up romantic undertones and a chance to show off your romantic side. But beyond that what does Valentine’s Day really accomplish? This question popped up during my conversations on-line using the social networking site known as Facebook. For those who are unfamiliar with Facebook, it is a web site where you create a profile and then link it up with your friends and family. What makes Facebook so appealing to Filipinos is the ability to interact with our friends at any time by leaving them messages or chatting in real time. Comments are always a highlight as all your friends are able to see the comments left by you and other as well as reply to them. A cyber-conversation if you will.

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You know you’re pushing forty when:

As I sit here on my 39th birthday, I am contemplating life. It seems to go in phases doesn’t it, or rather in decades. You’re a child for ten or so years, then a teenager. Soon enough you’ve made it as a twenty something and then that pivotal thirty crops up. By then you feel just a little pressure…you’re not quite middle aged yet, but it’s just around the corner, so watch out. Before you know it the big four-o is looming. You reflect on your life and wonder ‘what the hell happened to my thirties?’ ‘What did I do exactly?’ You don’t even remember half your twenties, and it’s not just because of the alcohol consumption in college. Or maybe it is. Your childhood is so far away in the past it seems like a dream. A very nice one too! Ah to be a child again. But I digress.

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Road trip with the family

I can't believe it, 20 years since I graduated from High School. A lot went through my mind as I packed up the family and we made our way up to the podunk town of Madras. This journey was different for me since this was the first time I was going to drive to Oregon. What usually takes me three and half hours via United, was going to be a bit longer this time around.

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Fourth of July

***This is just a rant folks, from a long time Oregonian living in Southern California who often times misses the comforts afforded to those living in Oregon.***

Today is July 4th. The date that many American’s look forward to every year. That one time when, most Americans get to let off some steam by setting off fireworks. I say most only because down here in California they don’t allow fireworks. Gay marriages and texting on your cell phone while driving are legal, heck even shooting whales from a moving vehicle (provided you are not shooting them with a firecracker) is legal.

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They go in three's

They say when people die, they go in three. For me, the three who recently passed away, never knew each other, in fact one, never even met me. But all three has some level of impact on me and who I am today.

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