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Spain and Portugal - day 4 and 5

The good thing about a GPS is that it can get you to where you want to go.  The bad thing about a GPS is the it doesn't know when roads are blocked off and may not know how to find an alternate route.  What is worse is when you can see your hotel, but ca… more »


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Here is a list or signs that will help you identify if you are at a Filipino Party. Feel free to comment and add any observances you may have to help others identify if they are indeed kickin' it at a Pinoy Party.~You're an hour late and there's s… more »


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MyThought on Valentine's Day

When you think of Valentine’s Day, what thoughts and feelings go through your mind? For many it conjures up romantic undertones and a chance to show off your romantic side. But beyond that what does Valentine’s Day really accomplish? This question pop… more »


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You know you’re pushing forty when:

As I sit here on my 39th birthday, I am contemplating life. It seems to go in phases doesn’t it, or rather in decades. You’re a child for ten or so years, then a teenager. Soon enough you’ve made it as a twenty something and then that pivotal thirty crop… more »


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Road trip with the family

I can't believe it, 20 years since I graduated from High School. A lot went through my mind as I packed up the family and we made our way up to the podunk town of Madras. This journey was different for me since this was the first time I was going to dr… more »

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