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A Husband’s Musings on His Wife’s Battle with Breast Cancer

As a parent volunteer at my boys’ elementary school, I frequently have children laugh at me and ask why I'm wearing a pink bracket or shirt. For them pink isn't a boy’s color. Perhaps when they are older they will understand I wear it not as a fashion s… more »


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Spain-day 1,part 2

Arrived in Madrid around 7 in the morning.  We were one of the last to exit the plane and had to wait for someone to get mom to escort her and her wheel chair to customs. The walk to customs was something out of a Steven King movie, the one where folks f… more »


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Happy Mother's Day to my five mothers.

In the mid 90’s a popular quote from Africa that was used as a title for a book by Hillary Clinton entitled “It Takes a Village to Raise a Child” I often feel as if someone in Africa has me in mind when they coined that phrase.You see I find myself… more »


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Originally a 2 part article which I have condensed into one article. This article is about my grandpa, Eulalio Arzaga Sr, who currently lives in Killeen Texas.FILIPINO SCOUTS MET JAPANESE INVASIONBy MARK BROADAWAY Killeen Daily HeraldWe're t… more »


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They go in three's

They say when people die, they go in three. For me, the three who recently passed away, never knew each other, in fact one, never even met me. But all three has some level of impact on me and who I am today.The first person to pass away was Meet th… more »

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