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Spain -Day 2


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Spain -Day 2

The boys had a hard time adjusting to the time change and was up until 3 a.m.  Jordan began spiking a temp so we gave him Motrin which brought it down.  Sometime in the early. Morning we fell asleep.  I was suddenly awaken at 11:30 a.m. when Jun fell off the bed with a loud thud. When I looked around everyone was fast asleep despite the fact that check out was in 1/2 hour.  The next 30 minutes was kind of a blur but I managed to get everyone woken up and with a little coaxing, the boys were up and ready to go.

When I parked the van upon arrival the night before there was quite a bit of space between me and the other cars around me, but somewhere during the night a bunch of midgets came and parked their cars on both sides of the van with about 3 inches on either side of me.  It is said that parking is at a premium in Spain and people will park anywhere.  To be honest, I am pretty sure I saw it written in stone and trust me, when it comes to parking a maximum number of cars in an allotted space, Spaniards have no equal.

Driving a big van I thought it would be easy to push the other cars out of the way, but these midgets think of everything and as such, they always apply their emergency brakes.

Thankfully for me, my co-pilot was still with me and I managed to do a three point turn and barely squeeze out of there with not damage done to the van.  I suppose  those ten years working in EMS and driving ambulances are finally paying off.

A note to anyone using a GPS to get around Spain, make sure you have it set for FASTEST route and not for SHORTEST route.  Just in case you haven't heard, I do not like these fricking roundabouts.  Oh, and the traffic lights they do have are impossible to see if you are the first car since they are literary right above you.  Thankfully, the people behind me were nice enough to honk their horns letting me know when it was safe to proceed.

Today's mission was to drive to Caceras Spain.  We made a short detour to check out a new McDonalds that was still under construction before proceeding to the current McDonalds at the mall just down the street.  The menu there is a bit different and the kids meals provide a better choice of foods.  For me, I tried a square sandwich which turned out to be a cross between a BLT and a chicken sandwich, it was pretty good, but at the time I was still feeling the effects of a Stacker 5 hour power taken on an empty stomach, so I had to force myself to eat it.

The three hour drive was nice and quite, we saw several castles, cathedrals and funky road signs.  The roads so far are very nice with the exception of the random, out of nowhere roundabouts. The kids slept most of the way which gave me a chance to listen to some of the songs on my iPhone.  Of course the boys sleeping now meant they would be wide awake as soon as we got to our next destination.  Spain is know for their bull whips, right?  'cuz I'm thinking I might find a good use for one before the trip is over.  I'm just saying.

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