Paper Mother  


Written in 1989 by Kim Cruse

Adoptee born 2-18-70


I only know

What the paper read.

You were 18,

As I was until only a few days ago.

The description read:

Height 5'7, weight 125,

Brown hair, Brown eyes.

It stated that you were

Of Catholic Denomination,

As I have been raised since birth.

The paper continued...

But not about you.

The diseases of relatives,

Heart conditions and so forth.

That is all the paper said.

My heart took over

Where the paper left off.

I only pray that

I Never learn differently

of the images

I have created of you

Throughout my 19 years of life.

I have always assumed you unselfish,

As you gave away

a part of yourself

For someone else to love.

Carrying the shame

others placed upon you.

Having the courage to continue.

You gave me nine months of your life

To ensure me a chance at mine.

I will never condemn you

As others surely have.

Your mistake is my life

And my parents joy. Copyrighted 2009 by Snoopy Dude Graphics