Heart of an Adoptee   


Copyright @ 1997 - Carole Manseau


Why am I here? Why was I born?

Questions that always, left me so torn.

What did I do? What did I say?

For "her" to reject, and throw me away.

A child of abandon, never to know.

A child that was chosen, love made me grow.

Through year upon year, the Mother I knew,

From your heart I came, from your love I grew.

Your child to adore, to love and to care.

My Mom that would nurture, and always be there.

But then came the years, of worry and doubt,

Should "she" reappear, and turn me about.

Afraid that my love, for you would just die,

If "she" ever came, and I'd say goodbye.

But Mother, it's *you*, that gave me my life.

Who carried me through, and gave me your light.

How could I abandon, a Mother like you?

And turn away from, a love that's so true.

So rest all your fears in my heart and believe,

Your daughter is here, and I will never leave.

Through years upon searching, for answers unknown.

Why am I here? Why was I born?

To find you and love you, my Mother, so dear.

Our hearts joined together, with love through the years.

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