An Adoptee's Plea  


written by Lori Pringle


They took away the children,

and they took away their names,

and they gave them to new parents,

to hide the shame.


They said none of this would matter,

once it was covered up,

but now we are here to tell you

that we have had enough.


We need to know our histories -

our own identities.

It's not enough to tell us

we're just adoptees.


We need to know our race; our culture;

some medical history.

As well as that, we'd like to know

how we came to be.


I cannot tell you what it's like,

the frustration and the pain;

Words cannot describe it;

they would only be in vain.


Just try to understand

what we are asking for;

a vital piece of our own selves

to fill the void - to heal the soul. Copyrighted 2009 by Snoopy Dude Graphics